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Gesundbrunnen Grundschule

Together with Katja Ammer I offer theatre projects with different themes - religion, tolerance, empathy, multiculturalism, bullying, diversity and of course other topics that move children. We work around the respective theme with the following theatre genres: performing arts, shadow and light play, mask play, physical theatre, improvisation and radio plays.


Our aim is to encourage the students to think creatively, which can help them in their school life as well as in their personal lives. This involves a performance at the end of a project.


At Gesundbrunnen Primary School, the theme of our drama projects in the recent school years was Strife and Forgiveness. The two plays I developed with the children and Katja were "Streit um Drei" (A talk show parody with the 5th grade) and "Sonnen und Mond" (Sun and Moon) with the 4th grade.  


In the past we also had "A little help from some distant friends" (topic multiculturalism and respect) and "The terrible fate of Humpty Dumpty" (topic bullying).


With a 6th grade Romeo and Juliet a modern version with half masks, stories from 1001 Arabian nights and pieces by Karl Valentin. 


"We Want Powergirls" and "What If" were two plays created from the ideas of our 5th grade in 2016. Our theme then was fairy tale characters with a modern twist! 


Our 4th and 5th classes love Commedia dell'Arte. I improvised and developed many scenes with Katja  and the children and put them on stage. 


Two years ago we created The Story of Berlin's Gesundbrunnen, a play written by Katja and me that tells the story of Gesundbrunnen through pantomime and narration. Our children perform this play every year at the Fountain Festival. 


This year Katja and I are working with fairy tales, this time we will record a live radio play, make a shadow play film and have live comics speak! It will always be very exciting!

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