What is LAMDA?

LAMDA (London Academy for Music and Dramatic Arts) is the oldest drama school in Britain. They offer top quality Speech and Drama exams to children, teenagers and adults. Their qualifications are internationally recognised and accredited and some of their exams carry UCAS points with them which helps getting into higher education. 


LAMDA exam preparation at LCB

In June 2019, together with Jessica Hellmann, I opened LCB - the first LAMDA private centre in Berlin! Basically what we do is teach the LAMDA curriculum to leaners of all ages at various English speaking schools, insitutions and privately. Training will start in October 2019 and run through to June 2020. 

Learners work with their LAMDA teacher to choose the LAMDA examination or qualification they would like to take, decide the grade thats right for them and prepare for the exam. Roughly two weeks before the exam, LCB organises a performance night where all the LAMDA Learners are given the opportunity to showcase their Solo, Duo or Group performance to the public. Feedback is given afterwards in private by the LCB teachers so as to help and prepare for a better exam. Exams at LCB take place before the summer holiday. Learners are examined by a LAMDA examiner from London. 


What kind of exams do LAMDA offer?

LAMDA offers a wide range of exams in the following:


  • Shakespeare Examinations (Solo & Duo): LAMDA Shakespeare Examinations are designed to develop an understanding of Shakespeare's language and the skills necessary to communicate a Shakespeare text to an audience. 


  • Performance Examinations (Solo & Duo):
    • ActingDuring 26 lessons a learner will learn the important stage skills required to be a convincing and fun character in a scene that will be presented to an examiner followed by a discussion about their piece.
    • Devising DramaLAMDA examinations in Devising Drama are designed to develop skills necessary to devise a dramatic performance and present it to an audience. These examinations also provide learners with the opportunity to develop skills that support the delivery of dramatic text.
    • MimeLAMDA examinations in Mime are designed to develop the skills necessary to create a performance using non-verbal techniques. These examinations also provide learners with the opportunity to develop skills that support the delivery of dramatic text.


  • Communication Examinations (Solo):
    • Verse & ProseAn exam that is ideal for bringing out a confident speaker. Learner's will explore different verse forms, metre and rhythm, key literary figures and breathing and voice production.
    • Reading for Performance: An exam tailored around a specific dramatic theme. Different styles of writing will be explored centred around a learner’s particular love of literature.
    • Public SpeakingLAMDA examinations in Speaking in Public are designed to develop the skills necessary for effective oral communication and public presentation


  • Musical Theatre (Solo, Duo & Group): A fantastic exam for the all-rounder. Learners will explore the different techniques for acting through song while preparing two contrasting styles of song for a final exam in front of an examiner.


  • Group Examinations:
    • Group Acting (3-15 Learners): Working as a group to perform acting scenes to recognise and enhance team work.
    • Group Devising (3-15 Learners): Maximising the creativity of a group and working together to create dramatic scenes.
    • Group Recital (3+ Learners): Exploring the group dynamics involved in developing and performing a recital including performed pieces and devised introductions, linking statements and conclusions.
    • Choral Speaking (3+ Learners): Working as a group to perform verse and prose selections.


Benefits of LAMDA Examinations

The process of preparing for and succeeding in a LAMDA Examination helps Learners, whatever their ages or aspirations, to develop a broad range of skills that will serve them throughout life.

Our examinations develop a Learner’s ability to:


  • Read easily, fluently and with good understanding
  • Expand vocabulary to improve powers of self-expression
  • Improve confidence in speaking and listening
  • Memorise and recall information
  • Research and create persuasive formal presentations
  • Create and defend arguments
  • Engage in constructive informal conversation
  • Work both on their own and participate as a member of a team
  • LAMDA exams also give recognized UCAS points towards further education


Who are LAMDA Exams for?

   We recommend LAMDA for students who:


  •   Struggle with confidence
  •   Need/want to work on their English
  •   Improve presentation skills and gain confidence at speaking in public
  •   Have a gift for drama
  •   Are keen actors who want to polish their performance skills
  •   Want to gain UCAS points


NOTE: LAMDA exams are not language learning exams, rather they motivate and encourage the learner to develop the English language and use it confidently in multiple settings. Therefore it is imperative that English is spoken and understood at an intermediate level by a learner


LAMDA Teachers at LCB

Jessica Hellmann is an awarded theatre actress and movement performer. Having trained at The Akademie Berlin and LAMDA, Jessica played London's theatre stages (The Young Vic, The Nave and RAH) before life took her to back to Berlin in 2013. There she worked with different theatre companies (Tentheater, Les Enfants Terrbibles, Theater Anu) traveling around Europe and Asia with their productions. Jessica produced her first own play 'SEHN.SUCHT' in 2015 and nowadays also works as an acting/drama coach and teacher.

She teaches at several theatre schools in Berlin (Goldoni, Stagefactory, Meisner School Berlin) and is known for her very unique teacher approach combining different methods in order to create an authentic and emotionally touching acting performance and experience.


Nadine Rahimtoola is a multifaceted artist with roots in The Netherlands, India and England. In 2004 she trained in London as a teacher of dramatic arts and as a performer at the School of Physical Theatre London. During this time she also trained in corporeal mime at the Theatre de L'Ange Fou International School for Corporeal Mime. In 2007 she moved to Berlin where she completed her training at the Atelier für physisches Theater (Apt-Comica).

Her past and present collaborations have been with the Staatsoper in Berlin, Ballhaus Naunystrasse, Shakespeare in the Park and Wannsee Forum amoung others as a performer, director, pedagogue, writer, puppet maker/performer, mask maker/performer and costume designer.

With Khudéla - Interdisciplinary Artist Collective, she is active in various schools and institutions throughout Berlin and Europe, devising creatve projects for children and young adults, some of which have received awards. 



The tuition fee is paid at the begining of each term. The tuition fee (see "Type of Lessons") is exclusive of exam fees. The exam entrance fee (between 30€ - 120€, depending on the exam taken) will be invoiced seperatley once it is decided which performance subject is best suited to the leaner.


Type of Lessons

Solo lessons - Private lessons of 45mins.

Term 1, 22nd October-10th December 2019 (8 weeks) 280€

Term 2, 14th January - 24th March 2020 (10 weeks) 350€

Term 3, 21st April - 9th June 2020 (8 weeks) 280€


Duo lessons - lessons of 60mins.

Term 1, 22nd October-10th December 2019 (8 weeks) 220€ p.p

Term 2, 14th January - 24th March 2020 (10 weeks) 275€ p.p

Term 3, 21st April - 9th June 2020 (8 weeks) 220€ p.p


Group lessons - A minimum of 3 max. of 10 learners - lessons of 90 mins

Term 1, 22nd October-10th December 2019 (8 weeks) 180€ p.p

Term 2, 14th January - 24th March 2020 (10 weeks) 225€ p.p

Term 3, 21st April - 9th June 2020 (8 weeks) 180€ p.p


Where do lessons take place?

Our private lessons will take place either at Theater Haus Mitte or at the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauerberg. Exams will take place in either one of these spaces. 


How to Join?

If you would like to register yourself or your child for Term 1, 2 & 3 please send us an email at LAMDAcentreberlin@gmail.com or give us a call on 015776211671 and we will send you a registration form to fill out. 


If you have any more questions about LAMDA Exams with LCB or would like a more detailed insight into LAMDA's Exam content, please do not hesitate to send us an email and we can send you a LBC tuition guide for free!

LAMDA Examinations Leaflet

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