The Caretaker Project


The Caretaker Project is a social creative project design by Khudéla and implemented with around 40 secondary school pupils in 4 schools across Europe in Germany, Ireland, Turkey and Spain. It is a 2-year Erasmus+ funded project. The pupils explore four main topics through creative tasks and challenges. The four topics explored are Our Future, Personal Development, Mental Health and Sexual Awareness. The pupils use  music, visual art, creative writing, digital media and "out-of-the-box" thinking etc. as creative expression to explore each topic. The project also involves the pupils being there for each other and learning from one another. They organise live streams to support each other, discuss their topics and their creative tasks. They also set up a youtube channel together with Khudéla to document their processes, thoughts and experinces throughout the duration of the project. 

Click here to visit The Caretaker Youtube channel

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