At Beerwinkel Grundschule I work as Khudéla, offering our 'Carpé Diem' projects. Khudéla has written numerous theatre pieces for school children to perform, such as our 2012 production of  'Catastrophe Hotel', our 2014 musical based on Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' and our 2015 shadow theatre film 'Karim's Abendteuer. Our projects have included putting on musical productions, shadow theatre performances and films, creating audio books and eBooks.



Check out Khudéla's website for more info 


I also work independantly from Khudéla, offering creative writing workshops based on themes of my clients choice. For example, together with the ERASMUS+ group at Beerwinkel Grundschule we created a fable based on 'Terra Preta'. The story was a great success, it even appeared on the radio!

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