In today's society, time pressure, stress and a permanent hectic pace are increasingly the cause of mental illnesses and physical diseases. Burnout or depression are examples of possible consequences of this lifestyle. That is why it is all the more important to take time out regularly and relax properly. Within a certain number of session, I will able to teach you how to calm yourself in stressful situations using breathing techniques and Jacobson's techniques of Autogentic Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxtion. 


Resilience is largely a question of inner attitude. With a positive, calm, solution-oriented and change-ready attitude, we are better equipped for the small and large challenges of everyday and professional life. 

I train (corporate) professionals online and in person to build resilience through experience, group dynamics, low skill high sensitivity creative exercises and relaxation techniques, so as to

(re-)discover strenghts and resources in order to overcome and deal with stressful situations and challenges in the work place as well as in their personal day to day lives.


Expressive arts puts emphasis on the creative process, Poesis (from the ancient Greek term which mean "to make") to promote emotional growth and healing. This intermodal approach to uses our inborn desire to create—be it music, theater, poetry & creative writing, dance & movement and visual arts—as a therapeutic tool to help initiate change. I come from the belief that we are all our own experts, we all have the answers within us. I create a frame and safe space for you to find those answers through low skill, high sensitvity arts based and nature-based activities.

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