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Theatre director and writer

Im Walde von Toulouse 2019 (writer, director and concept -Operetta for and with children)

Ideals of Equality 2018 (director and concept - large brown paper puppet devised performance with teenagers)

The Many Face of Freedom 2017 (director - devised Commedia dell' Arte with young adults)


Der Zeitmaschine 2017 (writer and director - Commedia dell’Arte film with children)

Uncle Fred's Garden 2017 (writer and director - shadow puppet film with children)

Market Farces 2015 (co-writer & co-director -commedia dell’ arte with children)

A Christmas Carol 2014 (adapted and directed - a musical with children)

The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty 2014 (translated, adapted and directed - classical theatre with children)

Schumann Masked 2014 (director - devised masked theatre with children)

Catastrophe Hotel 2012 (co-writer and director - a musical with children)

Sam's Dream 2009 (co-writer and director -  shadow puppet theatre for children),


The Who's 'Tommy' 2007 (co-director- musical with teenagers)


Sarah Kane's '4.48Psychosis' 2005 (adapted and directed for & withTU Delft's student drama class)

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